Current Projects:

Drummer for "Johnny On The Spot"  -  Working Cover Band


Drummer/Songwriter for "Something Real" -  Original Band 

Drummer for hire

Studio drummer


Instructor- Go to the contact page to connect me about inquiries.


Diemond Star Sticks - Best sticks I've ever used, with amazing customer service!

Click on their logo and check them out. Use discount code "krystal20" for your %20 discount.

Shady Rays Sunglasses - Ambassador

They are stylish, durable, and for every pair purchased secures 11 meals through Feed America.  You can continue to #livehard with their amazing warranty.  Click their logo and place your order, or paste this in your browser 

Destroy A Drum - Ambassador

Clothing for drummers, by drummers.  Click their logo and use KLINDSEY to receive your discount

Roadie Gear Works - Artist
The best custom drum stick bag, guitar or bass straps, and more. Jacob is one of the most genuine and talented people you will ever meet. Everything is made by hand, and as custom, as you want it. 


Red Cymbals - Artist

Aside from producing outstanding cymbals, Red Cymbals promotes connection and mental health. Dylan, the owner, a drummer who has a master’s degree in psychology, designs and promotes amazing, quality cymbals while promoting mental health through support and providing healthy outlets. 

Red Cymbals stands to end the stigma, shame, and silence when it comes to mental health.
Not only has Dylan created some of the best ideas and sounds for cymbals, but he has also created a strong drumming community, where drummers can share and receive support in drumming and in life.

I could not be happier or more blessed to find a better fit than Red Cymbals! I use the Bright-Hybrids for gigging in my cover band, Johnny On The Spot, and I am using the Desert series for worship drumming. You cannot go wrong with any custom set that sounds like home to you; this company is amazing!

I am beyond blessed and honored to be a part of the Red team. Please click the photo and check out their amazing products! YOU MATTER!


TnR Products "Booty Shakers"- Artist

Click on the "Booty Shakers" logo to check them out. I tried their little booty shakers on my snare stand for my small tom and it SANG. I immediately noticed a huge difference. After I noticed the difference in sound on my small tom, I ordered another set for my snare drum and I use them for every gig. I am blessed and honored to be a part of the TnR team! I encourage you to check them out and reach out to them if you have any questions. They have great customer service and they are happy to help. 

I am blessed to work with companies that have amazing products and the best customer service. I am so grateful to be a part of all these teams! 


Upcoming Shows and Appearances:

No upcoming events at the moment