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What I Use...

DW  5 Piece Design Series Kit

Tobacco Burst Finish

This kit is maple. I have a practice kit set up at home that I love, and that one is Birch. I love that kit as well. It is a Tama, Starclassic.
In playing this DW, I've found that I am a sucker for Maple. I love the warmth in the tones. I am absolutely in love with this DW kit.

Evans Drum Heads


Evans drum heads are my favorite. Right now I have the G2's on my toms and the UV1 on my snare. When the time comes to change my toms, I'll be changing them to the UV1's as well. The G2's are still amazing. They are easy to tune, and hold their tune very well. These last me so long. Evans does an amazing job with their drumheads!

Diemond Star Sticks


These sticks are amazing.  They have a feel, and even a sound that you won't get from any other stick company. They are perfect for any gig, but they especially shine in the long 5-6 set gigs as they absorb all of the shock.  Grab a few pairs for yourself by clicking the logo below, and let me know what you think.

Shure 215 In-Ear Monitors


I used to be against in-ears. I was a floor wedge monitor person all the way until I tried Shure in-ears. Not only do they sound amazing, but my ears don't ring anymore after shows! To top it off, they are very affordable. They have great mids and bottoms for drummers and bass players. I'm very happy with them. 

Gibraltar Liquid Drive Hi-hat, and 6711 Direct Drive Kick Pedal 


This Hi-Hat is amazing. The feel, the quality. I have nothing but amazing experiences with Gibraltar hardware. I play a lot of gigs so set up and tear down are just as important to me as feel. With Gibraltar, you can't go wrong.

Again, Gibraltar hit it out of the park with this pedal. Amazing durability, comfort, and fluid while playing. 

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